How it works

The online platform facilitating collaboration

The Village

Each Kayapo member has an organization-level profile, together accessible in the village.

The House

Your organization has a private space to post Collab’ requests, save others, and track your use of the services, that each of your users can access.


No need to go on the platform to get updates.
Each user chooses their email frequency.

Showcase videos coming soon!


Help us make change-making projects happen

We do not charge membership fees as we believe that common interests and values are key. 
We do ask for (small) contributions from successful collaborations between members.

Prospective Kayapo members have to achieve the level “Sapling” of our Impactful Organization™ methodology – also free.

More impact? More perks!

Get accredited by our Impactful Organization™️ methodology to get the most out of Kayapo. With this accreditation and its three levels as described below, the more positive change you create and the more perks & discounts you will get from Spinel and from other members of Kayapo!


You have a clear impact roadmap, and you are able to measure it


You have a clear, measurable impact, and you keep improving your roadmap and maximising your impact


You are a role-model of making this world a better place for all, and you are actively promoting positive change to your stakeholders

You're home

New member

Hi there!

We're excited about your interest to join Kayapo. Just a heads-up that you need to have completed an impact self-assessment in order to be considered to join. You haven't completed your self-assessment yet? It's this way: Impact self-assessment.

In this form, you'll create your first user and complete your organization's profile. We'll review it and then provide you access to your draft profile - ready for you to finalize, invite more users, and make your presence known to Kayapo members!

For details about the membership and the fees & perks, please head to Membership.

This form will take about 5 minutes to complete. Progress cannot be saved, make sure to complete it all at once. The self-assessment takes about 10 minutes, separately.

So - ready to scale-up your impact as part of a community?

Make you project public > find partners!

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