Step 1: Become a member

You can join Kayapo if:


You have been accredited for your impact

If you do not yet have such an accreditation, you can self-assess as an “Impactful Organization” (by Spinel) when you register.


You are a member of one of our partner communities

With more on the way!

Step 2: Start collaborating!

The online platform facilitating collaboration

Get introduced to the other members:
Startups – NGOS – Impact investors – Service providers


Access public Collabs (projects) on:

Projects – Consortium – Investments – Services


Receive weekly newsletters

The village

Each Kayapo member has an organization-level profile, together accessible in the village.

Your house

Your organization has a private space to post Collab’ requests, save others, and track your use of the services, that each of your users can access.​

Your profile

No need to go on the platform to get updates.
Each user chooses their email frequency.

Showcase videos coming soon!

Step 3: Get rewarded for your impact!

We use a rating system to qualify and quantify your organization’s impact.
The more positive change you create in the world, the more the Kayapo Impact Tribe helps you along the way.


You have a clear impact roadmap,
and you are able to measure it


You have a clear, measurable impact, and you keep improving your roadmap and maximising your impact


You are a role-model of making this world a better place for all, and you are actively promoting positive change