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We're excited about your interest to join Kayapo. The platform is free for all organizations that have a positive impact - in order to ensure this, we ask that your organization be either certified (B Corp, for example) or a member of our partner networks. Investors/financial institutions are asked for their definition and approach to impact making and investing. All details on what it means to join, and how to join, available on the page Homepage.

In this form, you'll create your first user and complete your organization's profile. We'll review it and then provide you access to your draft profile - ready for you to finalize, invite more users, and make your presence known to Kayapo members! Note that we will ask for a 30-min. interview to better understand your approach to impact, your willingness to join Kayapo, and how the Tribe can best support your growth

If you are creating a new organizational account, this form will take about 5 minutes to complete. Progress cannot be saved, make sure to complete it all at once.

Ready to scale-up your impact as part of an Impact Tribe?

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