Kayapo is an ecosystem
of impactful organizations
together working for the positive economy,
built around 2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

By leveraging our common knowledge and solve one concrete global issue at a time

By creating sustainable projects, partnerships and alternative business models

We answer the activist call of the Kayapo people

Increasingly well know for their activism against the Brazilian regimes, pillaging their ancestral lands for generations, the Kayapo are now an emblem of local groups fighting for sustainability and their way of life. We have decided to build Kayapo.io to further grow the spread of their message, and to leverage positive change-makers all over the world, with the aim to accelerate the transition to the “good economy”. We do our best to learn from the Kayapo, their struggles, and their culture, to deliver the best, most humane, and simplest way to grow impactful projects.

We donate 10% of all net income to the Kayapo project and other such organizations, in Brazil and all over the world.

Learn about the Kayapo project

They are the keepers of the land

The Kayapo are one of the main native Amerindian groups that remain in the rainforest around the Amazon River in Brazil. The Kayapo resisted assimilation and were known traditionally as fierce warriors. Living on the banks of river Xingu, they call themselves “Mebengokre” which means “people of the wellspring.”

The increasing destruction of the rainforest threatens the delicate balance between humans, plants, and animals successfully maintained for thousands of years by native tribes. Like others, the Kayapo have been attacked and murdered in the search for land, and many have had their land forcibly taken away. Recently, the group has arisen as a leader to fight against such pressures.

We are building the Kayapo Impact Tribe with the group’s culture in mind: The Kayapo believe their ancestors learned how to live communally from social insects such as bees. Their fields and villages are built in a circle to reflect their belief in a round universe. They have a traditionally hospitable way of greeting visitors to their homes and storytelling is a significant aspect of their life.

The “Association Kayapo” is an NGO based in Lyon, France, Founded by Pierre Cattoire in 2021.

After designing and launching the first version of the Kayapo.io platform, and co-organizing the first Kayapo Sprint (May 2021), Pierre now serves as General Manager.

The NGO is currently building its teams and resources: We are actively looking for a team of full-time employees and volunteers, together focusing on connection-making, project-building, alliance-growing and event-organizing. Write to us at host@kayapo.io if you are interested.

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