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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Proverb, disputed origin, potentially Luo (Africa)

The Kayapo community of values-driven organizations is organizing its first Kayapo Sprint and is welcoming you to join.

Do you want to be part of a problem-solving team and create projects with impactful organizations, together solving the hurdles to a sustainable world? This community event is for you.

This first edition’s theme is “Beyond Grants: Creating alternative business models for NGOs’ and foundations’ independence and resilience“, featuring the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, AlphaMundi, Club of Brussels, World Vision, Handicap International, and many change-makers.

Spread over 3 digital events in partnership with Transition Forum, Make Sense, Impact Festival, and Greenbackers, it is the opportunity for you to meet inspiring and impactful speakers, debate ideas, and take part in new projects with established partners.

  1. Tuesday 4 May 2021 – 1700-1900 CET
  2. Tuesday 11 May 2021 – 1700-1900 CET
  3. Tuesday 18 May 2021 – 1700-1900 CET

The Sprint is free for Kayapo members, although donations are welcomed 😊. The promo code is available in your House on Kayapo.io.

For non-Kayapo members:

  • Companies and individuals: Fee for the 3 events is €45 + VAT
  • Students, Universities, NGOs: The event is free

–> Input: Secondary research by Spinel

  • 17:00 – Welcome and program intro
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel


  • 17:05 – Keynote: From linear to circular value creation through systemic networks: lessons learned
    by Joss Blériot, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


  • 17:20 – Keynote: Can blended finance provide independence and resilience
    by Lisa Willems, AlphaMundi Foundation


  • 17:35 – Keynote: Beyond money: Systemic approach to value through alliances
    by Michel de Kemmeter, Club of Brussels


  • 17:50 – Panel: Challenges in current NGO’s and Foundation’s business models
    with Camille Romain des Boscs, World Vision;
    Stanislas Bonnet, Handicap International;
    Leehe Skuler, GITA;
    Khaled Almezayen, InovAya;
    Juan Pedro Coello de Portugal, Persistent Capital;
    Judith Sissener, Berkeley Earth;
    Moderator: Shay Begun, Spinel


  • 18:30 – Open Q&A to speakers & panelists
    moderated by Shay Begun, Spinel


  • 18:50 – Event close 
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel


  • 19:00 – Speed networking

<– Output: Think about potential solutions ahead of day 2 and submit to kayapo.io/sprints/1/ideation (all are included in day 2)

–> Input: S.M.A.R.T. solutions template by by Spinel

  • 17:00 – Welcome + choose your idea to deep dive 
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel

  • 17:15 – Solution design: Participants work in breakout rooms to deep-dive each idea
    moderated by Spinel team
    Group output: S.M.A.R.T. solution

  • 18:00 – Solutions exchange: Navigate between breakout rooms; discuss other’s work

  • 18:30 – Solution submission: Groups finalize and submit S.M.A.R.T. solutions to participants’ vote

  • 18:45 – Voting close, announcement of the top 3 most upvoted ideas
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel

  • 18:50 – Event close 
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel

  • 19:00 – Speed networking

<– Output: Top 3 upvoted ideas are selected for project-building on day 3. All other ideas are made publicly available on kayapo.io/sprints#solutions

–> Input: S.M.A.R.T. project planning template by Spinel

  • 17:00 – Welcome 
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel

  • 17:10 – Solutions pitch: 3 min. per idea
    by working group representative

  • 17:20 – Solutions planning: Groups develop draft projects plans for each solution
    Group output: S.M.A.R.T. plans
    moderated by Spinel team

  • 18:15 – Project plan restitution: 5 min. per plan
    by working group representative

  • 18:30 – Partnership building: Select the project that your company can help deliver

  • 18:15 – Program close & projects kick-off 
    by Pierre Cattoire, Spinel

  • 19:00 – Speed networking

<– Output: 3 projects with draft plans and partners

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