Kayapo Sprints
Kayapo community members come together on digital sprint events with the purpose to solve one concrete, global issue at a time.

There is no obligation to join these events – although we’d very much like you to!

Any idea which is not taken-up by participating organizations will be made publicly available on this page.

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Join Kayapo's first Sprint!

Work with change-makers

Solutions are on the way,
and will be made publicly available here!

What's in a Sprint

Creating projects and partnerships around actual solutions

Ma: Understand

The first step to any problem-solving is to understand it as fully as possible; this is the discovery phase. Based on research and real-life experiences.

Kuma: Ideate

With all cards in-hand, an ideation session for each bottleneck of the problem helps create the framework for solving it with concrete projects

Ngo: Create

Problem bottlenecks have potential solutions identified for each of them; we now put our heads together to create these solutions

Each Sprint is made of 3 events, each event is 2 hours long.

Cost of events

Free for all Kayapo members and their users.

The Sprint is free for Kayapo members and their users, although donations are welcomed! The promo code is available in your House on Kayapo.io.

For non-Kayapo members:

Companies and individuals: Fee for the 3 events is €45 + VAT
Students, Universities, NGOs: The event is free

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We're excited about your interest to join Kayapo. Just a heads-up that you need to have completed an impact self-assessment in order to be considered to join. You haven't completed your self-assessment yet? It's this way: Impact self-assessment.

In this form, you'll create your first user and complete your organization's profile. We'll review it and then provide you access to your draft profile - ready for you to finalize, invite more users, and make your presence known to Kayapo members!

For details about the membership and the fees & perks, please head to Membership.

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