Urban Health Farms

Urban Health Farms is an exciting new venture that harmonises the relationship between agriculture and technology. With plans to have at least 10 major urban indoor vertical farms under development over the next two years in Europe alone, and an additional 10 in the pipeline in the following year and a half, Urban Health Farms […]


Imagine life as a gameHumans are inherently playful and need stories (or else they make them). This is why interactive games, role-playing, storytelling and experience are at the heart of the action. Seho is a coaching and consulting company specialised in behavioural change, mindset evolution and emotional connection. Diagnosis and consultingWhatever your size, local authority, […]


We act as fund-brokers deal makers and placement agents for growth capital, primarily for entrepreneurs throughout the UK, Western Europe and USA. Covering equity, asset and project finance, our team works with technology companies and project developers looking to turbo-charge their capital-raising programs. GREENBACKERS™ provides fundraising and investment readiness services – facilitating introductions into a […]


GreenDev is an independent, full-service impact investing firm focused on advancing social progress and environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to advising and channeling capital towards businesses and sustainable infrastructure assets within the circular economy. As part of our mission-driven approach we serve individuals and organizations seeking transformational impact. We need to ensure both societal and […]


Let’s Co-Design the Regenerative Business CultureOur work: Strategic transformation of consciousness for regenerative business design, sharing a common mission to accelerate the transition to the new Regenerative and Circular Economy.​We support social & technological innovation and develop enterprise ecosystems, organisations and business models that transition towards symbiosis with nature and promote the common good – […]


Together, let’s reinvent the world of water: Access to drinking water: We offer technologies for making any source of fresh water, drinkable or for making mains water safe for isolated communities from 500 to 20,000 people. Water and effluent treatment: We offer custom-made solutions for treating industrial effluents and for obtaining water qualities that make […]

Plastic Odyssey

Plastic Odyssey in short: We work to reduce plastic pollution and poverty together. We find, develop and diffuse open-source solutions to reduce and recycle plastic. We support entrepreneurs from the most polluted countries to start local recycling businesses, and create revenue by reducing plastic pollution. In order to diffuse solutions and meet entrepreneurs, we are […]


An action plan accelerating market forces for good: ASSESS: Identification, Evaluation, Selection of bridge builders Mapping of local entrepreneurial ecosystems and “bridge builders” that develop portfolios of solutions Assessment of “bridge builders” on the basis of precise criteria Selection of the eligible “bridge builders” for CONNECT and SCALE-UP activities CONNECT: Empowerment of bridge builders to […]

Positive Planet

Positive Planet International is involved in the construction and management of programs aimed at preventing the socio-economic resilience of populations excluded from traditional education and employment channels, especially young people and women.Today, the association mobilizes experts in entrepreneurship and microfinance to develop the economic autonomy of the most vulnerable populations, by acting in four ways:– […]

Green Business Keys

These are exciting times in the start-up movement: “The demand for fundraising has never been greater, as have the innovative and forward-thinking projects that are emerging. Yet not all projects, however great, have all the characteristics necessary for sustainable success. The various fund-raisers know this. Hence the importance for investors to have access to perfectly […]