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Our Unique Value Proposition : Provide the platform to training providers to create real-time continuous feedback loops and automate processes to bring their courses in the 21st century.

Problem / Need:
Professional training providers waste money, time and resources by not effectively manage the course journey, this includes every point of contact with their trainees, from the registration all the way to the release of a certification. As of today, the way courses are generally monitored happens through a series of surveys given at the end of each course. This requires a lot of manual work, that has to be collected, interpreted and

Your Solution:
Wyblo automates the entire course journey from the administrative level, gathering data that companies need centralized within one platform through which is possible to manage the entire process. In parallel to this, Wyblo uses dashboards to monitor courses in real-time and gathering data whenever necessary to allow companies to make data-driven decisions anytime.

Value for Education:
By starting to change when and how feedback is collected and effectively use it proactively we can start promoting inclusivity, participation, giving value to every voice to finally deliver a better learning experience. We validated our assumptions with real users and clients with whom we wrote two research papers that got accepted in two conferences.

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Education, IT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Mobile, Web, Digital

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Education, Technology, Mobile, Web, Digital

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– Western Europe

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