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In a nutshell

Our Unique Value Proposition : Waterpreneurs acts as a catalyst, mobilising versatile expertise and a global network of influential key stakeholders, accelerating collaborations between existing platforms, in order to scale-up impact in the water nexus, at a local and global scale.

An action plan accelerating market forces for good:

ASSESS: Identification, Evaluation, Selection of bridge builders

  • Mapping of local entrepreneurial ecosystems and “bridge builders” that develop portfolios of solutions
  • Assessment of “bridge builders” on the basis of precise criteria
  • Selection of the eligible “bridge builders” for CONNECT and SCALE-UP activities

CONNECT: Empowerment of bridge builders to build trust between in-countries local solution providers

  • Development and provision of tools and methods, such as “Innovate 4 Water” marketplaces to increase visibility, build trust and develop collaborations
  • Training of “bridge builders” to deploy themselves these tools and methods and train others for SCALE-UP activities

SCALE-UP: Acceleration of coalitions, ecosystems and finance vehicles

  • Catalyze of strategic coalitions that accelerate the deployment of entrepreneurial solutions and the creation of innovative finance models
  • Consolidation of regional and local entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Promotion and support of innovative finance vehicles

Our HQ:

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SDGs we are working towards

Our scope

Industries that we currently work in:

Energy, Cleantech, Greentech, Financial Services, Fintech, General consumption, International trade, Science, Innovation, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

... and would like to work in:

Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Energy, Cleantech, Greentech, Environment, Wildlife, Financial Services, Fintech, International trade, Human settlement, Housing, Science, Innovation, Waste, Recycling

Countries that we currently work in:

– Western Europe

... and would like to work in:


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What we look for

We keep building the global partnership INNOVATE 4 WATER and are looking for members to join the marketplace for sustainable development and build bridges between the private sector and all the other key stakeholders leveraging water nexus opportunities.

We provide consulting services across the entire impact investing value chain in the water nexus.

We do not offer perks to other Kayapo members.

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