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In a nutshell

Our Unique Value Proposition : We help impactful organizations grow sustainably

Mission-driven organizations face challenges in growing to a large enough scale. Only 0.5% manage to scale-up:

  1. Missteps in strategy and execution
  2. An incomplete roadmap for impact

We help you make your impact long-term and scalable via:

  1. Best-in-class scaling-up advisory
  2. An “impact by design” methodology

An activist consultancy, we operate on principles of circularity and sustainability. We help grow impact across 3 levers:

  • Scaling-up impactful for-profits
  • Innovating with NGOs
  • Designing impact with investors

Our HQ:

Our open Collabs

Various capital transactions are underway for a company dedicated to the ecological transition. The entry options in the structure each offer a high ROI and several exit opportunities.
Established brand and portfolio, we’re looking for equity investors to help scale-up our growth in France and Spain

SDGs we are working towards

Our scope

Industries that we currently work in:

Energy, Cleantech, Greentech, Science, Innovation, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

... and would like to work in:

Environment, Wildlife, General consumption, Human settlement, Housing, Social, Justice, Crime, Tourism, Transport, Waste, Recycling

Countries that we currently work in:


... and would like to work in:


Our involvement in Kayapo

What we provide

We will always provide fair prices combined with our deeply engrained willingness to make the world move forward, become sustainable, and to the protection of the Earth, wildlife, and people.

What we look for

We hope to match change-makers on specific projects so that they can work together to improve and grow the impact of their actions on the world, and that together we can foster an environment for collaboration on a global scale, all with positive financial outcomes for all organizations involved. In an ideal world and only if we are useful, we hope to be able to take part in these projects.

We offer perks to Kayapo!

Our Impact Self-Assessment is free and is a good way to check at what stage your organization is in terms of achieving its impact intentionality!

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