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Our Unique Value Proposition : Improving PV Solar plants

We Are Raycatch
Founded in 2015, Raycatch is an innovative start-up that uses cutting-edge AI technology to enhance
existing solar plant energy yield – and reduce operational costs. Raycatch’s AI solution provides remote
automatic fault detection and performance mapping for PV (photovoltaic) projects of all sizes and
The Limits of Monitoring
Most solar fields rely on monitoring systems for alerts and data visualization. Monitoring, while
important, requires manual diagnostics and human decision-making to solve problems and increase
solar plant optimization. The ability of manual tools to interpret data of immense volume and
complexity is limited. This limitation is validated by the extreme performance ratio variability discovered
when comparing professionally operated solar plants.
From Passive to Proactive: The Future of Solar Asset Management
Raycatch uses AI and Big Data to apply accurate diagnostics to the complex, noisy, high-volume data
that characterize solar projects. By tapping into existing plant data, Raycatch provides actionable
insights that help plant owners and operators extract more energy from their existing installations –
and benefit from larger profit margins.
Raycatch is a smart investment. We measure and analyze everything, delivering insights on panel
warranties, dust/grass maintenance, cable connections, PID temperature coefficients, MPPT/inverter
efficiency, tracking systems, and more. We provide our clients with a comprehensive and coherent
narrative that culminates in a precise prescription of what needs to be accomplished to enhance energy
yield. The longer our system is put to use, the more the yield increases over time – and the better the
Main Benefits
• Proven increased yield margins (for owners) – 2%-8%
• Proven reduced operational costs (for O&M) – 12%-20%.
• Pure SaaS product – volume-based pricing & flexible service plans
• No additional hardware required
• Only two days required for intake and analysis
• Simple integration. All we ask for is a user name and password.
• Improved economical transparency & prediction capabilities
• A focus on practical recoverable energy vs. energy losses
Our Vision
We want to revolutionize the PV market. Our ultimate goal is to utilize our AI-automated solar asset
management to influence maintenance costs, generate additional yield and improve global PV market
accessibility. Solar plants accumulate vast amounts of data, yet are barely able to scratch its surface. By
introducing technology that significantly increases data interpretation, we are truly making a profound

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Energy, Cleantech, Greentech

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Energy, Cleantech, Greentech

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More clean energy with less investments

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Finding relevant customers, who wish to get more power from their existing plants

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