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Profit Impact

In a nutshell

Our Unique Value Proposition : We’re the partner that can help you achieve social, environmental & financial success in equal measure, because we believe that true business performance is about more than just money

We support businesses understand and develop their sustainability practices, offering B Corp certification support services to those businesses who would like this. Alongside this we provide tailored sustainability solutions and offer the optional project management of the implementation.

We provide virtual FD services to businesses who sell sustainable products and services to support their growth.

Our HQ:

Member since 15/04/2021

Our impact: Sapling - Unverified

As per Spinel's Impact Lens methodology

SDGs we are working towards

Our scope

Industries that we currently work in...
Education, Financial Services, Fintech, Infrastructure, Telecoms, IT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Arts, Entertainment, Gaming, Technology, Mobile, Web, Digital
... and would like to work in
Education, Financial Services, Fintech, Media, Arts, Entertainment, Gaming, Technology, Mobile, Web, Digital
Countries that we currently work in...
United Kingdom
... and would like to work in
United Kingdom

Our involvement in Kayapo

What we look for

Opportunities to collaborate or cross referrals on projects

What we provide

The equal measurement of social, environmental and financial success.

We offer perks to Kayapo!

Access to elements of our knowledgebase – due to be launched in May

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