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Plastic Odyssey

In a nutshell

Our Unique Value Proposition : An expedition fighting plastic pollution with the power of social entrepreneurship, by making recycling more accessible

Plastic Odyssey in short: We work to reduce plastic pollution and poverty together. We find, develop and diffuse open-source solutions to reduce and recycle plastic. We support entrepreneurs from the most polluted countries to start local recycling businesses, and create revenue by reducing plastic pollution.

In order to diffuse solutions and meet entrepreneurs, we are preparing for a 3 years-long expedition that will start this summer 2021 and will pass by the 30 most polluted countries. Our 40 meters-long vessel is an ambassador of solutions to protect the Ocean: it carries our fleet of low-tech recycling machines and is powered with plastic waste.

So far, we have already reached 1B media reach with an annual advertising equivalent to 8.8M€, been presented in more than 3000 articles and gathered 6M€ from our sponsors.

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Our scope

Industries that we currently work in:

Waste, Recycling

... and would like to work in:

Waste, Recycling

Countries that we currently work in:

– Central America, – South America, – North Africa, – West Africa, – East Africa, – South Africa, – East Asia & Japan, – South and Southeast Asia, – Oceania

... and would like to work in:


Our involvement in Kayapo

What we provide

Co-creating innovative solutions, giving advice on similar projects

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Finding partners / sponsors / donators

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Advice on waste management strategy, on expedition preparation, network contacts

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