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Our Unique Value Proposition : EOS provides water quality solutions to rural communities in Central America

EOS provides rural families in Central America with access to cost-effective safe drinking water solutions at the community level. Through EOS’ technology implementation, education, and monitoring, our team can ensure that communities have safe drinking water continually, allowing children to stay in school, parents to continue working, and communities to thrive.
EOS’ comprehensive model provides safe drinking water to over 650,000 people in 1,500 rural communities.
This three-step model includes water quality testing and analysis to assess contaminations in the community water source, community water purification and education to treat the contaminates, and an ongoing chlorine tablet distribution and monitoring providing a sustainable supply chain. Our team provides ongoing technical assistance, training, evaluation, and chlorine tablet distribution to all 1,500 rural communities through an established network of 51 chlorine distribution centers. EOS has identified entrepreneurs and initiated these chlorine distribution centers to provide a financially sustainable supply chain of chlorine tablets, while also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate up to $150 per month while supporting clean water. All solutions are locally-operated and require co-financing from all involved and demonstrates that for just pennies a day-per person, we could dramatically reduce the incidence of waterborne disease and save lives.

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Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

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Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

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– Central America, Honduras, Nicaragua

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– Central America

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