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Our Unique Value Proposition : Freshness stickers for Freshness Detection The next generation of expiration dates

The Problem
The freshness of products, especially those that are refrigerated, is a direct result of temperature.

For instance, products can spoil as quickly as one day if they were out in the sun even though the expiration date has not expired yet. Conversely, if the products were properly refrigerated, they could remain fresh for weeks or months even after the expiration date has been reached.

As a result of this, expiration dates are not as accurate as one thinks, since the expiration date makes assumptions what are often not correct. This leads to huge amounts of food thrown out unnecessarily costing billions of dollars each year!

We have therefore developed a Freshness stickers which gives an exact freshness indicator. The concept is simple: The Bio-Sticker is a small bag,

which contains a sample of the product and bio-chemicals which through the chemical reaction indicates the freshness state via color change on the Freshness stickers.

The Freshness stickers costs ~1 Β’ and contains only compounds that are allowed in the food industry – no toxic compounds. The Freshness stickers technology is novel and is IP protected

Our Solution

  1. We developed an indicator externally attached to a product which changes it’s color during spoilage.
  2. The indicator contains a sample from the product and compounds which crates the color change when spoilage occure.

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