The first listed investment vehicle in France, 100% dedicated to the energy transition, is looking for investors


Various capital transactions are underway for a company dedicated to the ecological transition. The entry options in the structure each offer a high ROI and several exit opportunities.


You will be able to make an equity investment in a very attractive French holding company dedicated to the energy transition:
– The holding brings together nearly 160 high quality historical investors and 50 experts in energy consulting, production and management.
– It is managed by a team of experienced financiers.
– With the ambition to be the first listed tool dedicated to the energy transition, it has more than 20 years of experience in the decarbonisation of territories.
– With an excellent track record of value creation: x4 in 3 years, it is organising an opening of capital with a view to a reverse takeover bid, with Preferential Subscription Rights of up to €50 million to develop future participations already identified.

Investment in bonds convertible into shares in a specialist in forest management and carbon credits:
– The French SME offers 4 complementary areas of expertise: wood energy marketing, logging, forest engineering and forest asset holding.
– With 8,000 individual customers, 60 employees and 26 projects in local authorities, it is increasing its capital to €6 million.
– It offers a coupon of 6% per year over 2 years and a 25% discount on the share price at maturity.

An investment in a fund dedicated exclusively to hydrogen production:
– Equity investment of €50 million

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Project requirements

Investment stage

Project within a larger organization

Investment type

Equity or semi-equity

Investment amount

50 m

Additional information

Ideal investor(s)

Individuals/general public, Private funds/Investment funds/VCs, Corporate funds

Closing date

30 July 2021

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