Fundraising to scale-up Marine Protected Areas



We have been recently working with a blended finance organization managing marine protected areas, and currently scaling-up its activity on a replicable business model.

Here are a few details:
– Rationale: Some MPAs can become financially sustainable but are lacking up-front capital and basic social entrepreneur skills. Impact investors and donors have a clear need for a pipeline of blended finance investments for marine conservation, with tangible business models
– Revenue streams: User fees, Visitor Centre, underwater attractions, fisheries, blue carbon, biodiversity offsets
– Team: Led by a French entrepreneur with finance background, team of 13 MPA professionals
– POC: 2 successful MPAs benefitting 16k households and 8,000 km2 of coral reef protected
– Long-term: Target is 10 MPA effectively managed and financially sustainable by 2030
– Ask: They seek to accelerate 5 other MPA projects by 2022 via US$8M series A financing – (anchor investor committed for 50%) + US$4M grant financing (40% secured); so they are looking for US$4M debt – US$2.4M grant

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Mission-driven organizations face challenges in growing to a large enough scale.ย Only 0.5% manage to scale-up: Missteps in strategy and execution An incomplete roadmap for impact We help you make your impact long-term and scalable via: Best-in-class scaling-up advisory An โ€œimpact by designโ€ methodology An activist consultancy, we operate on principles of circularity and sustainability. We help grow impact across 3 levers: Scaling-up impactful for-profits Innovating with NGOs Designing impact with investors

Project requirements

Investment stage


Investment type

Grant, Debt

Investment amount

โ‚ฌ 8 m

Additional information

Ideal investor(s)

Foundations or NGOs, Corporate funds, Banks, Public institutions

Closing date

15 June 2021

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