Real estate digital service company seeks Series A funding


An avant-gardist organization seeking to adds unprecedented value to real estate market research. Leading the digital innovation in property hunting, combining geolocation and agencies assets, it proposes a strong business model for both customers and organization


The project is a fundraising operation. The company is a private firm, whose majority is held by its founders.
Seeks to raise 500 k€ to finance the development of its future real estate software version and use add-ons to take on more market shares.

This amount will be completed with grants and bank financing.

The projected revenue in 5 years’ time is 15 Mio€ (starting at 1 Mio€ as of today).

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Green Business Keys

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Project requirements

Investment stage

Seed or crowdfunding

Investment type

Equity or semi-equity, Debt

Investment amount

€ 0.5 m

Additional information

Ideal investor(s)

Individuals/general public, Private funds/Investment funds/VCs

Closing date

25 August 2021

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