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kayapo.io is a values-driven community facilitated by Spinel Advisory SAS

It is driven by its members willingness to collaborate to solve global challenge and maximize the positive impact of their own activity on Earth, Wildlife and People

See this page on Spinel’s website for more information on how to join Kayapó

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Help us make change-making projects happen

We do not charge membership fees as we believe that common interests and values are key. 
We do ask for (small) contributions from successful collaborations between members.

Prospective Kayapó members have to achieve the level “Sapling” of our Impactful Organization™ methodology – also free.

More impact? More perks!

Get accredited by our Impactful Organization™️ 

methodology to get the most out of Kayapo


You have a clear impact roadmap,
and you are able to measure it


You have a clear, measurable impact, and you keep improving your roadmap and maximising your impact


You are a role-model of making this world a better place for all, and you are actively promoting positive change to your stakeholders