Energy production and syndication between buildings


Established brand and portfolio, we're looking for equity investors to help scale-up our growth in France and Spain

Project details

* Equity investment in energy efficiency:
* The French company has an original strategy optimising energy planning and decarbonisation of territories
* With a well-established portfolio of 8 brands, it works for more than 200 key accounts (including Mondelez, L’Oréal, GSK, CAT, Total, etc.) from project design to financing and implementation
* It is developing green hydrogen production projects in Spain, shared by several users and buildings
* With a strong acceleration of its growth (turnover x 2 from one year to the next), this round of financing is increased by €1.5 M, thus opening up 3% in additional equity; a subsequent round, of a similar amount, will be available in April



We propose scale-up strategy workshops, process and project management methodologies, commercial growth strategy and implementation, as well as our mission-driven community and our impact methodology.   Spinel deck Eng

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