Fundraising for air purification startup


One of our member companies is seeking funds from business angels and individual investors. The company develops a clean air-purifier solution with no chemicals that answers the challenge of monitoring air quality for institutions and companies. The company relies on the competency of an experienced technical and commercial team that already has accompanied companies in the fields of smart city sustainable businesses.


The proposed solution is the only one that combines various technologies built into the most complete all-in-one air-purifying solution. This SMART connected solution analyses the air and uses an algorithm to apply the required corrections.

We are currently fundraising 180 k€ with a minimum ticket of 250 €. The investment is into a holding structure in France, with the ambition of accelerating commercialization of the product, deploying marketing actions, and financing furniture for office work.

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These are exciting times in the start-up movement: “The demand for fundraising has never been greater, as have the innovative and forward-thinking projects that are emerging. Yet not all projects, however great, have all the characteristics necessary for sustainable success. The various fund-raisers know this. Hence the importance for investors to have access to perfectly successful projects, demonstrating encouraging profitability figures and significant development prospects. But above all, to have all the guarantees of a profitable return on investment. This is the work we do in accompanying start-ups and companies before and after they raise funds! Because we want to participate in a benevolent economy, we make a long-term commitment to all the projects we support. “ Our 50 expert-entrepreneurs in project development in our respective fields, driven by the desire to participate in a benevolent and collaborative economy. We have decided to share our skills within a collective, GBK

Project requirements

Investment stage


Investment type

Equity or semi-equity

Investment amount

€ 0.180 m

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Ideal investor(s)

Individuals/general public

Closing date

29 July 2021

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